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Content Writing

Content that Gets You Found, Liked, and Trusted

Why Content?

Short Version

It’s simple.

Content and content marketing offer a variety of cost-effective methods to attract, engage, convert, and retain customers, donors, fans, and prospects. Online and offline. Period.


Long Version

Get found.

Let’s face it, if your website, brick and mortar location or e-commerce store isn’t easily found you are, in a word, screwed. It’s like throwing a lavish party and no one comes. If you can be found on a SERP (Search Engine Results Page), but not until the tenth page, we’ve got serious work to do.

Content–compelling copy on your website, search-engine-optimized blog posts, targeted direct mail or talked about (and shared) social media posts–can help you to get found. That’s step one and Content Masters can help.

Get liked.

Making sure your customers, fans, and prospects can find you (online or off) is mucho important. But more often than not, it’s just not enough. Being liked these days is not only a warm, fuzzy feeling we all might enjoy, it’s also the digital thumbs-up that can pull in prospects and strengthen important relationships that lead to sales or support for your business or cause.

You can gain literal “likes” on social media, but you can also build likability and customer connections with an informative email newsletter, a fantastic set of FAQs on your website or an e-book that educates and helps a prospect tackle a real challenge. Contact us to find out how Content Masters can help. 

Get trusted.

If your service, product or cause can be easily found AND people like it, that’s a powerful combination that can lead to purchase or support. Then things like competitive offerings, price, service, and more rear their ugly heads. To “seal the deal” and turn browsers and samplers into real buyers and supporters ready to hand over cash or commitment, you need more than likability, you need people who trust. Ever change physicians or car repair service? That knot in your stomach is all about trust–and the lack of it.

Content, in the form of product guides, case studies, fashion tips, reviews, emails, and dozens of other forms, can help you gain people’s trust. And that’s the trifecta: found, liked, trusted. That’s exactly what Content Masters can help you achieve. Let’s have a chat about that.